Proof that I spend way too much time at Starbucks..

There was this one Friday a few months ago when I was slightly hungover, ordering my coffee and not really paying attention when I was being asked for my name for my cup (not one of my people obvi). I was in a bit of a dilerious state and said something along the lines of “oh lets spice it up and be Beyonce this friday.” She laughed, but then I said <INSERT NAME> and walked down to the end of the bar.

I was chatting with TZK when all of a sudden I hear someone scream BEYONCE skim misto! The entire starbucks turns around and stares at me as I walk up to the bar and grab the drink. It was quite a moment, and really wish that someone could have captured my facial expression. My regulars behind the bar (Kyle, Rell, Lilly) now think this is funny, and we change up the celeb most Fridays. I’ve been Ke$sha, and a few others too. Today we went back to the original, and I got this note on my coffee cup. ❤ them, they really know how to make a girl’s day!