Oh Hey MASE!



Someone needs to burn this hat…

Pharrell I LOVE you but I don’t have to like this hat right now. Please retire ASAP Love CW. Also, why does Sean Penn always look dazed + confused…Bionic Yarn, G-Star And Hennessy Privilege Celebrate Pharrell Williams And His Oscar Nominated Single, "Happy"

Today’s Starbucks #namegame

Because I am back to my iPhone 4 for a few days I can’t do a pick stich so the other side says HAPPY FRIDAY TURN IT UP!!!!!! I forgot to get a sleeve and just brought it into a meeting without thinking anything of it. People looking at my Starbucks cup looked pretty nervous…photo

This is making me feel better about myself right now…

#nodisrespect to all those who are otherwise engaged and/or married in their 20s…..I’m glad you found THE ONE and locked he/she down. But I do find this entertaining…love me some THOUGHT CATALOG. Top 5 from “21 Things That Happen When You Get Married In Your 20s”

1. Everyone nicely ask you if you’re “sure about this,” like you were about to do drugs or something.

10. (Having the body of a 20-something definitely helps with all of your wedding day fitness goals.)

15. Everyone tells you congratulations on Facebook and then occasionally forgets in real life that you’re getting married.

19. People ask you about whether or not you’re taking his last name, and are definitely judging you one way or the other based on your answer.

20. At least one person asks you if you’re doing this because you’re pregnant (but they try to do it in a slick way).


Harvey Specter SWOON

Unfortunately he and his wife just welcomed a child so I’d say my odds are not looking too hot right now…I need to find out when SUITS is coming back for the next season. GRACE Adler will have the scoop for me..jacinda-barrett-240x320