Now I realize this is Thailand (get excited for your HM Hudson)

but in honor of 9 days in Florida FAST approaching.. 



If I were a QUEEN….

(sung to bey’s if I were a boy…) Oh I crack myself up and fully recognize my need to also get a life….


I have a source that was close to the subject last night….

And casually at the TIDAL party….here is what I’ve got for you 1. Alicia Keys is the sweetest person on the planet (can’t say I’m that surprised) 2. BEY was apparently NOT shy about munching on a lot of the food all night (which i kinda LOVE go bey) 3. This person is #besties with Ri Ri so nothing new to report, standard Rihanna as usual (totally not a big deal, this person’s life is also OOC) but there is your insider gossip for the evening. beyonce-660