#KimYAE looks as upset as I am that summer is over….

I wish I could have worn an all black mourning outfit to protest the end of summer. Unfortunately, due to my complete mental focus on going #back2blonde last Friday pre leaving for NC, this girl did not remember to bring work clothes. This presents a problem when you are going straight to work from a 6:30 AM flight. Its even more fun when your phone starts buzzing at 4:30AM that your flight was delayed until 9:45 AM for no apparent reason. Thankfully the #bossman is cool and this was kosher. And a SECOND big thank you to Murph for supplying a work dress sitting in my cubby while strolling in circa 12 PM today. YOU WIN TUESDAY.

I will wear black the rest of the week. I can’t wait to death stare/throw my wallet at the first person I see wearing tights in a week…….It’s not winter YET.

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