Seems totally rational that one would need to sell their 3.3 MM mansion to maek room for baby number 1….

I really hope I have the same problem that Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker do making room for baby numbero uno. I mean how could one possibly expect to raise a CHILD in this place. Good thing they are getting out…

2B1961A800000578-3185428-image-m-96_1438724739335 2B1961A400000578-3185428-image-m-100_1438724934734 2B1961A000000578-3185428-Peaceful_retreat_After_a_long_day_on_the_court_Andy_can_get_some-m-97_1438724804568 2B19619400000578-3185428-image-m-98_1438724829167 2B19769200000578-3185428-Room_with_a_view_Also_located_on_the_top_floor_is_the_tennis_and-a-106_1438725051809 2C1DB35300000578-3227856-image-a-3_1441809125361 2C1DD25300000578-3227856-image-a-1_1441809019157 2B1961BB00000578-3185428-image-m-99_1438724876387

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