On VACAY with Bey and JAY

Now at last #babyBLUEivy looks a little happier to be spending time in Cannes than schleping away on the NYC runways…..

2C62583B00000578-3237071-image-a-7_1442418095061 2C6259BB00000578-3237071-image-a-4_1442418067296 2C62B4E900000578-3237071-image-a-26_1442420304438 2C62B6F600000578-3237071-Wild_sense_of_style_Beyonce_34_looked_incredible_in_her_summer_s-a-25_1442420287060 2C6258D000000578-3237071-What_a_cutie_Bey_s_three_year_old_daughter_Blue_Ivy_looked_adora-m-25_1442421765428 2C62587000000578-3237071-image-a-1_1442417996705

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