For anyone with a casual $20MM lying around, I’d consider contacting Matt Damon’s realtor…

Moving bc his #BESTIE Ben Affleck (who i now think is an idiot) put his house on the market after he f’ed things up with JG. They both lived in the same neighborhood. Can you IMAGINE those casual hang outs?! And now they are done, thanks Ben Affleck.

2D627B3500000578-3271269-image-a-31_1444770835529 2D627B0100000578-3271269-image-a-30_1444770731451 2D627B2900000578-3271269-Rexaing_In_addition_to_a_swimming_pool_there_s_also_a_Koi_pond_t-a-2_1444777238344 2D61DE2500000578-0-image-a-13_1444767291998 2D627B1D00000578-3271269-image-a-32_1444770858047 2D627B3100000578-3271269-image-a-33_1444770914286 2D627B0D00000578-3271269-image-a-28_1444770608183 2D627B1700000578-3271269-image-a-27_1444770572618


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