I say #yougoGIRL to Gisele….

You ain’t never going to hear this girl knocking anyone for getting a little help in the flat chest department….

Gisele on vacation with the fam in the Bahamas (allegedly the first time she has been photographed in a bathing suit POST Paris Burka incident where she was allegedly getting a little plastic surgery….) She looks GOOD, you do you girlfriend.

Note the bottom two are the before pics, you be the judge.

2E0C0D8900000578-3300766-image-m-55_1446494073867 2E0C0DF000000578-3300766-A_debut_of_sorts_This_is_the_first_time_the_35_year_old_Brazilia-m-66_1446494322832 2E0C0CCD00000578-3300766-image-a-60_1446494212623 2E0C633200000578-3300766-Small_and_sensational_The_beach_bunny_in_2006_before_she_had_chi-a-117_1446498205845 29EF470700000578-3300766-After_babies_The_Devil_Wears_Prada_actress_had_a_smaller_chest_a-m-1_1446512370834




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