A life without PIZZA is not a life worth living….

In my humble opinion…..I also look nothing like Gisele so I’d like to think if I ever were disciplined enough (never) to do an 80% plant based diet I could have a chance looking like this…..Go Gisele and Tom, you do you, I’ll enjoy my pizza and fat a$$.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, simply google Gisele and Tom Brady diet…

2FD2481B00000578-3386165-image-a-14_1452033846076 2FDAF42A00000578-3387726-Beach_cuties_On_Wednesday_Gisele_Bundchen_posted_a_snap_on_her_I-m-1_1452119946168 2FD2A24100000578-3386165-image-m-27_1452036176231 2FD2482E00000578-3386165-image-a-7_1452033800582

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