For 14 million and John Legend serenading me every night, sign a girl UP. Seriously jeal of Chrissy and John’s new LA pad. If only I had a cool 14 mil to chuck around.

302BB64C00000578-3400034-image-a-44_1452811830140 302BB66100000578-3400034-image-a-36_1452811808823 302BB63700000578-3400034-image-a-48_1452811837527 302BB65800000578-3400034-image-a-40_1452811817550 302BB64300000578-3400034-image-a-38_1452811812486 302BB64700000578-3400034-image-a-43_1452811825997 302BB65200000578-3400034-image-a-46_1452811833838

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