#HotDAMN Karlie Kloss……

Must know what she is or better yet what she ISN’T eating….

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Who wouldn’t want at selfie with newest KIMYAE….introducing WILLSTEN. My two favorite people ever, Kristen Wig and Will Ferrell promoting their roles in Zoolander 2 right outside SD2’s old apt.

God I can’t wait for this movie…how do i get one of these sweatshirts?!

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Who knew that #teamJEN could ski???

I’ve never seen her on any sort of vacay pics essentially NOT at the one and only in Cabo so I’m glad she’s expanding her horizons….I also didn’t realize she was besties with Sandra Bullock who she was hitting the slopes with in JAckson Hole. I bet she stayed at the Amangani too, ugh 2x.

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I mean you go girl Hilary Duff….

Hudson and I have always had a special place for Hilary in our hearts. Come to think of it if you all don’t have a special place in your heart for Lizzy McGuire’s performance of What Dreams are Made of on STAGE in Rome then I’m done talking to you…..

ROCKING the red here. Loves it.

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