In honor of MY national holiday…..(national pizza day if that wasn’t obvious)

Of course I have a terrible head cold and physically couldn’t even taste the pizza even if I wanted it. But no matter, every day is national pizza day to me, I don’t need an excuse….


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BUTTER might be my new favorite midtown #powerlunch spot…

I’ve mentioned this many times, Hudson and I have a major soft spot for butternut squash soup and I have trouble NOT getting it if I see it on the menu. Not only was it delish they bring you a little side of truffled popcorn (another way to my heart). My lunch mate went for the chicken which he said was one of the better chicken dishes he’s had, so we are giving it an A+.

*restaurant of Alex Guarnaschelli, food network PLAYA (she can get tough on chopt) 


The last ten days in #food

Apologies for the hiatus, back in full  effect this week. Hopefully to distract me from attempts at starvation?

I’m upset bc I went to The Little Owl on Tuesday night with Napoleon and her #manfriend and completely forgot to take pictures of the ultimate meatball sliders. What we see here……

SRO-NYC Pizza Speakeasy (also with Napoleon and her #manfriend)

STOUT- Pretzel (not messing around pre HOYAS game last week)

Joesph Lenoard- Heaven by way of a croissant egg sandwich, fried chicken sandwich, and some fries

Thanksgiving – no explanation necessary

SF Pizza- courtesy of Hudson and her offish #manfriend