My girl #P showing everyone whose boss….

#lordD being a D and out partying until 5 am…..

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In my next life I’d like to come back as Tory Burch….

From the daily mail. gDAMNIT that’s a sparkler….

“This weekend, the 49-year-old CEO and designer for Tory Burch LLC showed off her sparkly – and huge – new engagement ring while on a family trip to the Antigua, where she recently bought a new home. The mogul wrote that she’s ‘blessed’ to be getting hitched to her new fiancé, LVMH Fashion Group CEO Pierre-Yves Roussel, 50.
But Tory’s life was already pretty ‘blessed’, as the self-made millionaire boasts a hugely successful fashion label, multiple homes, a history of jet-setting vacations, and a host of celebrity fans who covet her designs.”

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