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SPEAKING OF ICE CREAM SANDWICHES…..the coolhaus truck should be  arriving on Park avenue any day. Penelope and I will be in line…



Kid Tested, Mother Approved


I could get used to having a personal chef! I was looking to supplement (key word being supplement, not cheat on) my starbucks egg sandwiches with a breakfast change up some mornings. I found this breakfast quinoa casserole on pinterest and have been staring at the recipe for a few weeks.

I was lazy and never got around to making it. I did however print out the recipe so that it mighttt be seen by my mom, who the second she saw it was off to the grocery store to buy quinoa. She asked me what quinoa was, we clearly don’t specialize in the healthiest habits in my family. Lost in her own excitement about this dish, Mar subsitutted FLAX SEEDS for the quinoa. Not sure where that came from, but the first casserole was made with  a wholeee lotta flax seeds. It actually was still pretty decent despite the main ingredient mixup :). See above for the finished product! We cut it into serving sizes and wrapped each in foil, so now I have breakfast for the week! I am sorry Starbucks Kyle but temporarily I will be a coffee only girl in the mornings!! Baby steps here people…

A big thanks to my personal chef this morning ! (a much skinnier, prettier, blonde Ina Garten 😉



I love this line written by “domesticate me” blogger regarding her kale salad recipe…Kale kinda sucks, but this salad made me a believer. (If nothing else, eating it will make you more attractive because kale is magic.)

So as I sit here eating a chocolate chip cookie (I just sat through a 3 hour class on municipal bonds, I DESERVE THIS)…I will attempt to be healthier this weekend and make this salad to have for lunch next week.