Said the final goodbye to our favorite family tonight…..


I do not consider myself an emotional person, two brothers have trained me to be nothing but an #icequeen, but 6 seasons of Parenthood has brought out a VERY emotional side of CW.

Physically had to hold Hudson to get through this extremely emotional final hour. We re-watched the last ten minutes twice just to be sure we were at peace with how everything panned out for the entire extended BRAVERMAN crew. I knew you could do it Julia and Joel! I think I will miss Max the most, and as per the final scene he may even found a lady friend.

Tribute to them below + the theme song. If you’ve never seen the show, I HIGHLY suggest you start, you’re welcome in advance. Good bye Zeek, Camille, Adam, Kristina, Haddie, Max, Nora, Sarah, Amber, Drew, Zeek Junior, Hank, Ruby, Joel, Julia, Victor, Sydney, Crosby, Jasmine, Jabbar, and Aida…..crying writing this, GET IT TOGETHER, ITS A TELEVISION SHOW.


Holy Moly everyone watch THE AFFAIR

You will be hooked in after the pilot. Now we are up to 4 shows this season (not including the voice) which really stresses me out. Looking like its going to be a homeland binge during thanksgiving because Parenthood, Chrisley Knows Best, and now The AFFAIR are dominating. PLUSSSS its set in Montauk, oh HAYYYY