Apparently I look very PROFESH today…

Outfit was supposed to distract two day dirty hair bun situation we’ve got going on. I had a request on the floor for an outfit post…WITH the apple, I think it adds a nice touch here.

Also have felt like I’m being choked a little all day, but I’m also much warmer so this is difficult… 



In today’s #GLUTENAWARE lifestyle..

I told Mrs. Winchester today that I would help her get her patent (wish i was kidding) on coining the term Gluten Aware of #glutenaware as i like to call it, by using it on the blog. Nothing surprises me with that woman anymore……

I give you No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake which isΒ SANZ gluten. This actually looks pretty delish, I’ll make her attempt on thanksgiving in exchange for my posts.