Woah get me involved!



Feeling the aftermath of #gynogirls wedding weekend this am…

You will see part of the dinner menu in the photos below, but let’s just say the dessert was all momofuku (cake+cake balls) Nashville snapped a pic of me sneaking two huge plates of both back to the table, not as stealth as I hoped.

What an amazing weekend celebrating two of my favorites! The weather/setting was absolutely stunning, and the energy on the dance floor was going strong until we were physically kicked off the property circa 2am on (Sunday) AM. Needless to say I am in a fragile state this morning, but well worth it!


Wedding Season :)

6 Weddings and counting for 2014. My friend Kutcher, from college is getting married at the end of August at a beautiful lodge in the Poconos. She recently chose her wedding party and had this little bottle of Champagne to give to all her bridesmaids! Loves + really digging the logo they created which appears on the engagement party invite as well. Can’t WAIT to see the save the date & invite! I will be posting all my favorites.